Factors in MBA Admissions: #1 The GMAT

    For many students, the GMAT will be the most important part of your MBA application. Why is the GMAT so important?

  1. It is an objective yardstick to evaluate candidates with entirely different backgrounds.
  2. It accurately measures quantitative ability, which is necessary for MBA programs.
  3. It is an easy and quick way to evaluate/eliminate candidates.
  4. It measures current ability (as opposed to the GPA, which is usually a few years old).
  5. The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section is the only part of the application where the admissions officers can see what you actually write (application essays could conceivably be written by others... and often are).


  1. 800score.com (named after the highest possible score on the GMAT, an 800) is a test prep site for the GMAT that offers:
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    b) Strategy guides to the Math, Verbal and Essay section
    c) Practice essay questions that you can send in for grading d) 24-Hour Tutor service to answer your test prep questions.

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