MBA Admissions Consultants

Why use an admissions consultant? Five Reasons.

1. Get an independent and knowledgeable opinion

You may have no chance whatsoever of getting into the schools that you are applying to....

Or, you could actually do much better than the schools you are applying to....

Your application could be written in a manner that would instantly turn off any B-school admissions counselor....

Without an independent and objective opinion coming from the same point of view as an admissions officer, you can't know with much certainty where you stand in the admissions game. Experienced consultants will give you an honest appraisal of where you stand.

2. Your application is potentially worth hundreds of thousands of dollars

What business school you attend could make an enormous difference in potential income. View your application as one of the most important documents you have produced in your life. Nothing should be left to chance and nothing should be done in a manner less than absolute professionalism. The themes and discussions of your essays should be carefully planned.

3. Are you different? Reformed Poet? My unusual situation

You may feel you have an usual situation, such as working for over 10 years, coming from a non-profit background or applying as an international student. A consultant can help you write your application to explain an unusual situation.

4. Get inside knowledge at specific schools

Many admissions consultants are former admissions officers at your target business schools. Their specific insider knowledge and advice could be invaluable if you are targeting that school.

5. Your competitors use admissions consultants.

The use of consultants has exploded as admissions competitiveness and salaries haves increased. You will be competing directly against applicants who have professional admissions consultants polishing their application and helping them present themselves in their interview.

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